Mahabharata Anusasana Parva - Translation by KM Ganguly

Mahabharata Adiparva

Section CXLVII

"The Rishis said, 'O wielder of Pinaka, O tearer of the eyes of Bhaga, O thou that art worshipped by all the universe, we desire to hear the glory of Vasudeva.'

"Maheswara said, 'Hari is superior to the Grandsire himself. He is the Eternal Purusha. Otherwise called Krishna, he is endued with the splendour of gold, and shines with effulgence like a second sun. Possessed of ten arms, he is endued with great energy, and is the slayer of the foes of the gods. Having a whorl on his breast, he has curly locks of hair on his head. He is worshipped by all the deities. Brahman has risen from his abdomen. I have sprung from his head, All the luminaries in the firmament have sprung from his hair. From the bristles on his body have sprung all the gods and Asuras. From his body have sprung the Rishis as also all the eternal worlds. He is the veritable abode of the Grandsire and the abode of all the gods besides. He is the Creator of this whole Earth, and He is the Lord of the three worlds He is also the Destroyer of all creatures mobile and immobile. He is verily the foremost of all the deities. He is their master. He is the chastiser of all foes. He is possessed of omniscience. He exists in everything. He is capable of going everywhere. He is of universal extent (pervading as he does everything). He is the Supreme Soul. He is the urger of all the senses. He covers the universe. He is the Supreme Lord. There is nothing in the three worlds that is superior to him. He is Eternal. He is the slayer of Madhu, and is otherwise called Govinda. The giver of honours, He will cause all the kings of Earth to be slain in battle, for achieving the purposes of the deities, taking birth in a human form. The deities, abandoned by Him, are unable to accomplish their purposes on earth. Without obtaining him as their leader they cannot do anything. He is the leader of all creatures and is adored by all the gods . Within the abdomen of this Master of the gods who is ever devoted to the accomplishment of their purposes, of this one who is identical with Brahma and who is always the refuge of the regenerate Rishis, resides Brahma (the Grandsire). Indeed, the latter dwells happily in Hari's body which is the abode. I myself, that am called Sarva, also reside happily in that happy abode of mine. All the deities too reside in happiness in His body. Endued with great effulgence, he has eyes that resemble the petals of the lotus. Sri dwells within Him and He dwells always associated with her. The bow called Saranga and the discus (called Sudarsana) are his weapons, together with a sword. He has the enemy of the snakes (viz., Garuda) sitting on his standard. He is distinguished by excellent conduct, by purity (of both body and mind), by self-restraint, by prowess, by energy, by the handsomest form, by tallness and well-proportioned limbs, by patience,

by sincerity, by affluence, by compassion, by excellence of form, and by might. He shines, endued with all celestial weapons of wonderful form and make. He has Yoga for his illusion. He is possessed of a thousand eyes. He is free from every stain or fault. He is high-minded. He is endued with heroism. He is an object of pride with all his friends. He is dear to all his kinsmen and relatives and they are dear to him. He is endued with forgiveness. He is free from pride or egotism. He is devoted to the Brahmanas and is their leader. He dispels the fears of all persons afflicted with fear. He enhances the joys of all his friends. He is the refuge of all creatures. He is ever engaged in protecting and cherishing the distressed. Possessed of a thorough acquaintance with all the scriptures, and every kind of affluence, He is worshipped by all beings. Con-versant with all duties, He is a great benefactor of even enemies when they seek His protection. Conversant with policy and endued with policy, He is an utterer of Brahma and has all His senses under perfect control. For doing good to the deities, Govinda will take birth in the race of the high-souled Manu. Verily, endued with high intelligence, He will take birth in the auspicious and righteous race of that Prajapati. Manu will have a son of the name of Anga. After Anga will come Antardhaman. From Antardhaman will spring Havirdhaman, that lord of all creatures, free from every stain. Havirdhaman will have an illustrious son of the name of Rachinavarhi. He will have ten sons having Prachetas for their first. Prachetas will have a son named Daksha who will be regarded as a Prajapati. Daksha will beget a daughter who will be named Dakshayani. From Dakshayani will spring Aditya, and from Aditya will spring Manu. From Manu will spring a daughter named Ila and a son to be named Sudyumna. Ila will have Vudha for her husband, and from Vudha will spring Pururavas. From Pururavas will spring Ayu. From Ayu will spring Nahusha, and Nahusha will beget a son named Yayati. From Yayati will spring a mighty son of the name of Yadu, Yadu will beget Kroshtri. Kroshtri will beget a mighty son to be named Vrijinivat. From Vrijinivat will spring Ushadgu the unvanquished. Ushadgu will beget a son of the name of Chitraratha. Chitraratha will have a younger son of the name of Sura. Indeed, in the race of these mighty men, of energy celebrated over all the world, possessed of excellent conduct and diverse accomplishments, devoted to the performance of sacrifices and pure in behaviour,--in the pure race honoured by the Brahmanas, Sura will take his birth. He will be a foremost Kshatriya, endued with great energy, and possessed of great fame. Sura, that giver of honours, will beget a son, the spreader of his race, of the name of Vasudeva, otherwise called Anakadundhuvi. Vasudeva will have a son of the name of Vasudeva. He will have four hands. He will be exceedingly liberal, and will honour the Brahmanas greatly. Identical with Brahma, he will like and love the Brahmanas, and the Brahmanas will like and love him, that scion of Yadu's race will liberate many kings immured in the prison of the ruler of the Magadhas, after vanquishing that ruler named Jarasandha in his capital buried among mountains. Endued with great energy, he will be rich with the jewels and gems of all the rulers of the earth. Indeed, in energy he will be unrivalled on earth, possessed of great prowess, he will be the king of all kings of the earth. Foremost among all the Surasenas, the puissant one, residing at Dwaraka, will rule and protect the whole earth after vanquishing all her lords, conversant as he will be with the science of polity. Assembling together, do ye all adore Him, as ye adore the Eternal Brahman, with speech, floral wreaths, and excellent incense and perfumes. He who wishes to see me or the Grandsire Brahma should first see the illustrious Vasudeva of great puissance, If He is seen I am seen, as also the Grandsire Brahman, that foremost of all the gods. In this I do not deem there is any difference. Know this, ye Rishis of ascetic wealth! That person with whom the lotus-eyed Vasudeva becomes gratified, all the deities with Brahma amongst them will also become gratified with. That man who will seek the protection of Kesava will succeed in earning great achievements and victory and Heaven. He will be an instructor in religion and duties, and will earn, great religious merit. All persons conversant with religion and duties should, with great alacrity, bow down unto that Lord of all the gods. By adoring that puissant one, one will acquire great merit. Endued with great energy, that god, with the desire of benefiting all creatures, created millions of Rishis for the sake of righteousness. Those millions of Rishis, thus created by that great Ordainer are no residing on the mountains of Gandhamadana, headed by Sanatkumara and engaged in the observance of penances. Hence, ye foremost of regenerate ones, that foremost of all eloquent persons, the righteous Vasudeva should be adored by all. The illustrious Hari, the puissant Narayana, is verily, the foremost of all beings in Heaven. Adored, he adores, and honoured he honours; unto them that make offerings to him, he makes offerings in return. Worshipped, he worships in return, if seen always, he sees the seers always. If one seeks His refuge and protection, He seeks the seeker as his refuge in return. Ye foremost of all righteous ones, if adored and worshipped, He adores and worships in return. Even this is the high practice of the faultless Vishnu. Even this is the vow that is practised by all righteous people, of that first of all deities, that puissant Lord of all creatures. He is always worshipped in the world. Verily, that Eternal Being is worshipped by even the deities. Those persons that are devoted to Him with the steadiness of a vow become liberated from calamity and fear in proportion to his devotion. The regenerate ones should always worship Him in thought, word, and deed. The son of Devaki should be seen by them with reverence and in order to see Him with reverence they should address themselves to the performance of penances. Ye foremost of ascetics, even this is the path that I show unto you. By beholding Him, ye will have behold all the foremost of deities, I too bow my head in reverence unto that Lord of the universe, that Grandsire of all the worlds, that mighty and vast boar. By beholding Him one beholds the Trinity. Ourselves, i.e., all the deities, reside in Him. He will have an elder brother who will become known over all the world as Vala. Having a plough for his weapon, in form he will look like a white hill. In fact, he will be endued with might capable of uplifting the whole earth. Upon the car of that divine person a tall palmyra, three-headed and made of gold, will form his proud standard. The head of that mighty-armed hero, that Lord of all the worlds, will be shaded by many high-souled snakes of vast bodies. All weapons of attack and defence will also come to him as soon as he will think of them. He is called Ananta (Infinite) Verily, that illustrious one is identical with the immutable Hari. Once on a time the mighty Garuda, the son of Kasyapa, was addressed by the deities in these words, 'Do thou, O puissant one, see if this one has any end!' Though possessed of great energy and might, Garuda, however, failed to find out the end of this illustrious one who is identical with the Supreme Soul. Supporting the whole earth on his head, he resides in the nether regions. He roves through the universe as Sesha, filled with great joy. He is Vishnu, He is the illustrious Ananta. He is the supporter of the earth. He that is Rama is Hrishikesa. He that is Achyuta is Ananta, the bearer of the earth. Both of those foremost of all creatures are celestial and endued with celestial prowess. One of them is armed with the discus and the other with the plough. They deserve every honour and should be seen, I have, through my kindness for you, have thus declared to you the nature of Vasudeva. Even this, ye ascetics possessed of wealth of penances, is Righteousness, I have declared all this to you so that ye may, with reverence and care, worship Krishna, that foremost one of Yadu's race."